New City Logo and Branding


In 2020, with assistance of a grant, the Common Council approved a contract with GrahamSpencer, a branding firm, to assist with the rebranding initiative. GrahamSpencer was hired to conduct thorough research and prepare strategic recommendations to effectively and creatively re-brand our community. This included identifying our unique position and brand voice. GrahamSpencer has assisted the City in identifying its community perception from stakeholders, communication problems and opportunities with an eye toward defining audience, and target markets and competitive context.
It was largely a one-on-one primary review of context, best practices, history and review of (existing) reliable secondary research sources. The work concentrated on elements of branding within Burlington, with respect to the opinions, perceptions, misperceptions and biases of its community members, visitors, partners, business owners, neighbors and other key stakeholder audiences.

GrahamSpencer identified our positioning statement, tagline and logo based on the information/ data collected from all the various participants. Of the 40 taglines identified, they were narrowed down to 6 taglines. The 6 taglines/ brand identities were once again narrowed down to 2 by an advisory committee. The 2 taglines were discussed during the January 4, 2022 Committee of the Whole discussion. Based on the January discussion this concept the more favored of the 6 discussed. On August 16, 2022 the Common Council approved the new logo and Positioning Narrative for the City of Burlington.

The mark itself represents a leaf and stem. It symbolizes life in the City of Burlington and its best attributes: health, growth, Mother Nature (by which we are lucky to be surrounded), hope, peace, unity, and the deep roots many of the City's citizens share and enjoy. Burlington is a little city where people can dream big and live their best lives.

  • The top of the leaf suggests quality of life: affordable and comfortable housing, accessible neighborhoods, a thriving economy and convivial culture.
  • The left side of the leaf represents all the things green Burlington citizens enjoy –trees, plants, the agricultural fields that surround us, our back yards and growth and renewal.
  • The right side suggests the lakes, rivers and shorelines we share.

City of Burlington Positioning Narrative

The City of Burlington, WI is an easy community in which to be in touch with nature – enveloped as it is with open spaces, dotted by lakes and criss-crossed by rivers and trails. People wave to each other and stop to talk here in the heart of the leafy, green, hand-built Midwestern United States.

Burlington has easy access to major metropolitan areas of Milwaukee and Chicago as well as Madison and Rockford. But, it offers residents the comforting, friendly advantages of easy small town Wisconsin living. And the community has a remarkably diverse economy featuring manufacturing, healthcare and other industries.

Healthcare is an especially bright star in Burlington’s lively economy. As you likely know, healthcare is an industry that is expected to grow in the United States for many years to come. In fact, the healthcare sector is expected to add 6 million jobs in the U.S. between 2019 and 2029. Burlington is well-positioned to take advantage of this trend.

The City and Town of Burlington have excellent K-12 education as well as post-secondary options locally and regionally. Burlington is friendly, walkable and accessible with a pleasing array of local shopping and dining options as well as excellent representation of large national chains.

Burlington has a symbiotic relationship with surrounding source markets such as Kenosha, Milwaukee and Racine where some of its residents work - and from which those community’s residents commute to Burlington for employment. And, the community has benefited from a recent surge in investment in small businesses by local residents who believe in its future and more is on the horizon.

If you’re looking for a safe, peaceful community in which to settle and perhaps raise a family - or enjoy the one you already have, come for a visit, where people consider themselves lucky to be part of a truly unique unicorn of a community. You may never want to leave.

If you’re considering where to locate a business in the center of the nation’s hard-working breadbasket, come for a visit. You will see why Burlington is exactly the kind of community to which the workforce of the future will be attracted - and remain.

Welcome home to Burlington, Wisconsin.

City of Burlington Branding Style Guide