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The City of Burlington, WI (City pop. 11,048). It's easy to be in touch with nature here - blessed as Burlington is, bedecked by lakes and crisscrossed by rivers and trails. People wave to each other here. They stop to talk in the heart of this leafy, green, hand-built southern Wisconsin city. Bucolic as it is, Burlington also has easy access to larger communities such as Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison - but offers residents the comforting, friendly advantages of safe, easy small-town living.

Burlington has a remarkably diverse economy featuring manufacturing, healthcare and other industries. Healthcare is an especially bright star in Burlington's bustling economy - and healthcare is an industry that is expected to add 6 million jobs between 2019 and 2029 in the United States. The community is well-positioned to take advantage of this trend.

The city and town of Burlington have excellent K-12 education as well as post-secondary options locally and regionally.

Burlington is friendly, walkable and accessible with a pleasing array of local shopping and dining options as well as the requisite access to large national chains. 

Burlington has a symbiotic relationship with surrounding source markets such as Kenosha, Milwaukee and Racine where some of its resident’s work - and from which those communities' residents commute to Burlington for employment.

Burlington has benefited from a recent surge in investment in small businesses by local residents who believe in its future - and more is on the horizon.

If you're looking for a safe, peaceful community in which to settle and perhaps raise a family- or enjoy the one you already have - come for a visit, where people consider themselves lucky to be part of a truly unique unicorn of a community. You may never want to leave.

If you're considering where to locate a business - in the center of the nation’s hard-working breadbasket, come for a visit. You will quickly see why Burlington is exactly the kind of community to which the workforce of the future will be attracted - and remain.

Welcome home to Burlington, Wisconsin!

Big Dreams

Veteran Memorial Walls


In 2016, the Burlington Veterans asked Mayor Hefty if she could take the lead to help fundraising efforts for a permanent Veterans Memorial Wall in Echo Park. The permanent wall enables families to visit this tribute to their loved ones year-round. With the help of tens of thousands in monetary donations from the community, as well as labor donations, the memorial walls were unveiled in 2018 with over 3000 names on the wall and more added annually.

Big Dreams

Burlington Aquatic Center

burlington pool 2018

Initially constructed in 1965, the Burlington Community Pool was originally a joint project of the Burlington area service clubs. In 2014, the City engaged in discussions with the Community Pool Board to determine the best steps in restoring and/or rebuilding the former community pool due to the extensive list of needed maintenance and repairs of the pool. In November 2016, voters of the City of Burlington voted in favor of authorizing the Common Council to spend up to $5.4 million for the construction of the pool. In September 2017, the Common Council, the Burlington Pool Board, the Park Board, Scherrer Construction, and Ayres Associates celebrated the commencement of the demolition of the former and construction with a groundbreaking. In 2018 the Burlington Aquatic Center opened to the public and has been extremely successful since.  

Big Dreams

Low Daily Brewery

low daily 1

As a Brewer at Ecliptic Brewing in Portland, Tim Sullivan, a Burlington native, had the absolute privilege to work for John Harris, a legend in the craft beer industry.  It was during this time that I gained the confidence to run his own spot, so we started developing the concept for Low Daily.  Tim and his wife Claire moved back to Burlington and Low Daily found a home at 700 N Pine Street.  The collaborative nature of this industry is, for Tim and Claire, it’s greatest strength and they wants to take this principle and expand its purview and see how much we can accomplish for the community when we work together.  

Big Dreams

Martin Squaremartin square 8

In 2016 the City took ownership of a dilapidated property in an effort to beautify the gateway to our downtown and create greenspace for the community to enjoy. That Fall, a teenager named Tommy Martin needed to complete an Eagle Scout Project. He approached the City and together with Scott Erickson of Rustic Road Landscaping, they collaborated to accomplish this project. Because of community fundraising and Tommy’s tenacity, this lofty goal turned into a community-wide project culminating into the gem you see today.

what is your burlington dream come true?

Is it more parks?
Is it a small quaint community?
Is it walking down the street and everyone waves to you?
Is it the opportunities in the community?
Is it the support and knowing your neighbors?
Is it opening up the business you always dreamed of?

The dreams are endless and Burlington is the city to call home.

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