Mobile Food Vendors

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Mobile Food Vehicle: A mobile food vehicle is a motorized vehicle which may temporarily park in an area designated by Chapter 254 of the Municipal Code and engage in the service, sale, or distribution of ready-to-eat food for individual portion service to the general public directly from the vehicle upon issuance of a Vendor Vehicle Permit by the City Clerk and conformance with the regulations established by Chapter 254.

Mobile Food Vehicle Vendor: The registered owner of a mobile food vehicle or the owner's agent or employee are referred as "Vendor."

Fire Department Inspection Required

In order to provide a safe environment for all citizens, visitors and vendors in the city of Burlington, the City of Burlington Fire Department will be conducting will be conducting safety inspections of all mobile food vehicles. This inspection, as required in the City of Burlington Municipal Code §254-2.1(D)(10), will be conducted prior to operation of the mobile food vehicle, and may also be conducted during operation. An inspection is required regardless if the mobile food vehicle is part of a special event, located on private property, or located on city right of way in the allowable locations as described below. Questions regarding the Fire Department inspection can be referred to the Fire Inspector at (262) 763-7842.

Fire Department Mobile Food Vendor Requirements

Outdoor Event Requirements

Propane RequirementsCompressed Gas Cylinder Requirements

Electrical/Extension Cord Requirements

Applying for a City of Burlington Mobile Food Vendor Permit

Mobile Food Vendors operators must have the following documents along with the Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application:

  • Copy of driver’s license or another form of identification bearing the photograph of the applicant
  • State of Wisconsin Seller’s Permit, unless the establishment is tax exempt (must show proof of exempt status if the mobile food vendor is Exempt under Wis. Stat. 440.42).
  • Racine County Health Department Certificate and/or State of Wisconsin Health Certificate
  • Copy of Vehicle Registration
  • Payment of $250 application fee

City of Burlington Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application

  • City Clerk's Office:  (262) 342-1161

Rules & Regulations

As part of Chapter 254-2.1, there are many specific rules and regulations of operating a food truck within city limits. Please take the time to read the City of Burlington Mobile Food Vendor Rules & Regulations before applying for a Mobile Food Vendor Permit

Mobile Food Vendors will require an inspection by the Central Racine County Health Department (CRCHD), as well as the City of Burlington Fire Department.  If you conduct business within Racine County and have received an inspection in the current year, you may be exempt from another inspection. CRCHD will charge a separate inspection fee that is not included in the City of Burlington Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application fee.

  • Burlington Fire Department:  (262) 763-7842
  • Central Racine County Health Department: (262) 898-4460

Chapter 254-2.1 (Rules and regulations)

Allowable locations for Mobile Food Vendors

As part of Chapter 254-2.1, mobile food vendors have set locations for annual permits within the City of Burlington at both the Burlington Industrial Park and the Burlington Office & Manufacturing Park (BMOP). The set locations are as follows:

  • Public parking on the south side of Industrial Drive between Brookview Avenue and Krift Avenue in the Burlington Industrial Park
  • Cul-de-sac at the end of Blackhawk Drive in the Burlington Manufacturing & Office Park

Allowable Locations for Mobile Food Vendors Map

Food Trucks as part of a Special Event

Food trucks may be allowed as part of a Council approved Special Event. Vendors that are part of a Special Event do not need to apply for the annual Mobile Food Vendor Permit, nor pay the annual permit fee of $250. It is required vendors are inspected by the City of Burlington Fire Department, have appropriate licensing, health department certificates, fire inspection certificates and a Wisconsin Seller's Permit displayed in public view.

A Special Event application is required when a community event is located in whole or in part on public property (or on private property within the City when it may have a direct effect upon public property, traffic flow or public health or safety, and which may require the use of special City services).

Requested dates, times, and locations are considered on a first-come, first-served basis, pending City Staff and Experience Burlington's review, recommendations and approval. Additional permits may also be required to secure the event.

Special Event Applications can be obtained at Experience Burlington.  You can submit your completed application or contact us with questions via email to You can also contact Experience Burlington by phone at 262-763-6044.