Community Assessment

Roger Brooks 2018The City of Burlington and Village of Waterford were secretly-shopped in June, 2018. Over several days the Roger Brooks Team photographed our communities from top to bottom, and found what works, what doesn’t and what we as a community can do better – no holds barred!

Over the past 30 years Roger Brooks has assessed more than 1,500 communities, regions, scenic byways, national parks and monuments, state and provincial parks, destination resorts, activity centers, guide services, tour operators, and attractions around the world.

For every challenge they uncovered they show us, photographically, how to make it better, using low cost solutions. The presentation held on June 20, 2018 at Veterans Terrace was entertaining and enlightening! View the two hour presentation below!

Roger Brooks Burlington-Waterford Assessment Findings & Suggestions Report
Roger Brooks Community Assessment Video 
Roger Brooks June 2018 Assessment Slide Presentation (PDF)
Roger Brooks Team Pre-Assessment Brochure