Get Involved!

The City of Burlington Fire Department is a combination fire department comprised of volunteers and full time staff. Firefighting is a very rewarding and valuable way to serve your community. The City of Burlington offers several opportunities for individuals interested in serving the community:

Fire Explorer Program

Age 14-19: Apply to be a part of the Fire Explorer Program. Learn basic firefighting duties and assist firefighters in preparation for calls. This position is for high school aged people who are exploring careers for their future. While being an explorer you will learn the functions of a firefighter and gain camaraderie working as a team with your fellow explorers. If you have interest in making it a career, this will be great on resumes. View more information about the program here.


Age 18+: Apply to become an Intern and gain EMS and Firefighting experience. Interns are people interested in a career in the fire service. The Fire Department will help the intern with classes in return for shift time at the station. This is a great opportunity to learn how to be a firefighter from on the scene to at the station. You are mentored by the full time personnel and can earn great references to build your resume. View more information here.


Age 18+: Apply to be a volunteer. The volunteers are a group of unpaid firefighters that either respond from their homes or stay at the station helping out in various ways. Volunteers function as active firefighters and/or EMS personnel. They donate their time to help keep the community safe. View more information here.

Employment Opportunities

View all employment opportunities here.