Board of Review FAQ

Property Assessment Appeals

Each year the City Assessor reviews property assessments and updates the assessment roll according to any changes that occurred during the previous year. Real Estate taxes are based on the property's assessment figure.

Open Book Conferences

Once the assessment roll is completed, the Assessor is required to notify property owners of any changes in their assessment from the previous year. If you receive such notice or if you have concerns about your assessment, you may want to meet with the Assessor at an "Open Book Conference" prior to the Board of Review hearing. You must schedule Open Book conferences with Accurate Appraisal by calling 800-770-3927.

You are not required to meet with the assessor before appealing to the Board of Review, although it is highly recommended. Minor errors and misunderstandings can often be corrected by meeting with the assessor without initiating a formal appeal.

What is the Board of Review?

The Board of Review is responsible for correcting errors in property assessment. Each year the Board examines the assessment roll, corrects any errors in description or computation and adds any property the assessor may have omitted. The Board has the authority to hear sworn testimony, receive documentary evidence, and to make a determination regarding the market value of property. The Board of Review meetings are open to the public.

How do I get the Board of Review to review my property assessment?

To be heard by the Board of Review you must first provide written or oral notice of your intent to file an objection to the board with the City Clerk. This notice must be made at least 48 hours before the board's first scheduled meeting.

You can obtain an objection form at City Hall or by clicking here

BOR objection form

Your objection form must be filed with the City Clerk during the first two hours of the board's first scheduled meeting. Make sure you file a completed form or the board may refuse to act on your appeal. Each assessment year stands alone. You may only appeal the current year's assessment. However, you may appeal your assessment every year if you feel the value is incorrect. For questions or concerns, please call the City Clerk at 262-342-1161.