Snow Removal

Snow Plowing

Snow plowing begins when the snowfall exceeds three" and is performed by an experienced DPW crew. State highways are plowed first, followed by major streets, secondary streets, parking lots and alleys. On streets where width permits, snow is plowed to the side of the roadway. In other areas the snow must be pushed into a pile and then transported by truck to other locations where space is available. When a snow emergency is declared, parking is not permitted on any City streets until the emergency has ended. Please remember that snow removal in front of a mailbox is the property owner’s responsibility. City crews will make every effort to plow as close to the mailbox as possible.

Winter Parking Restrictions

Winter restricted parking regulations are in force whenever snow falls during any period of 24 hours or less to a depth of 3 inches or more or has fallen. Winter restricted parking is declared to continue for a period of 48 hours or until snowplowing operations have been declared completed by the Department of Public Works Supervisor. Whenever winter restricted parking is in force no person shall park any vehicle between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. on any street, alley or municipal parking lot.

A vehicle parked in violation of these regulations may be removed by a public or privately owned towing company to a public parking lot and shall be ticketed for illegal parking. The City shall not be responsible for any damage to the vehicle while in the public parking lot or from being towed . The towing charge shall be paid by the vehicle owner as stated in Chapter 31-9B of the Municipal Code.

Sidewalk Clean Up

Keeping the sidewalks clear of snow and ice is something that is not only a courtesy to other people in your neighborhood for walking, but also required by City Ordinance. As the owner, occupant or person in charge of a residence(s) in the City, you are responsible for the removal of any snow and ice that has accumulated on the sidewalk in the front of the residence(s) within 18 hours of the snowfall. Any ice that has formed on the sidewalk must be treated to prevent the area from being dangerous.

Failure to maintain the sidewalk within this 18-hour time frame may result in the Street Department cleaning your sidewalk in which case the City will bill the owner (cost of labor, equipment usage and administrative fees).