Wastewater Division


The Wastewater Division is responsible for the treatment and disposal of all wastewater that is generated in the sanitary sewer service area (SSA). These methods must meet all state and federal requirements. The SSA includes City of Burlington, Bohner's Lake Sanitary District, and Brown's Lake Sanitary District.

Wastewater Facility

The Water Pollution Control Facility performs complex processing of wastewater in order to keep our environment safe and pollution free. The processed, clean wastewater is discharged into the Fox River.


The facility employs staff skilled in chemistry, biology, mechanics, maintenance, electronics, secretarial tasks, supervision and management. Burlington water pollution control operators are certified by the State of Wisconsin in wastewater treatment to ensure adequate training to perform the necessary tasks at the treatment facility.

Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Burlington is to build and enhance our community by safely, respectfully, proudly and effectively executing our daily work activities. As an organization we are committed to continuous improvement.