Street Maintenance


The Street and Storm Sewers Division provides the following services:

  • Collecting brush and collecting leaves in the fall
  • Enforcing noxious weed control
  • Maintaining street signs and traffic signals
  • Maintaining public buildings
  • Maintaining public streets and drainage ways
  • Maintaining the compost site
  • Plowing winter snow from streets, alleys and municipal parking lots

Equipment Maintenance

The department maintains a fleet of 20 vehicles and 16 pieces of major machinery.

Streets, Signs & Traffic Signals

The department maintains the street signs and traffic signals throughout the city. Signs are replaced as needed according to a maintenance schedule. The department maintains over 40 miles of streets and alleys and employees take pride in the city's clean and well maintained roadways. The department also performs parking lot maintenance, striping, curb markings and storm sewer maintenance.