Forms Page

Vacation Check Request

If you will be away from home for a period of time, it's a good idea to notify the police department by completing a vacation check form. For security purposes, officers will periodically visually check your residence while you are gone and do an occasional walk around. Print out the form, complete it and turn it in at the Police Department.
Vacation Check Request Form (PDF)

Bicycle Registration

City residents are required to license their bikes. Licensing is free. This ensures that the serial number and description of your bicycle is on file at the police department. In the event the bike is stolen, this allows the police to quickly enter the data into a computer system accessible by police across the nation and increases the chance the bike will be recovered. Print out the form, complete it and turn it in at the Police Department to obtain your license sticker.
Bicycle Registration Form (PDF)

Life Support Notification

With this form you can notify the police department of your dependence on electrical power for life support equipment. If notified, the department will make every effort in the event of a power failure to give priority to restore service or provide alternatives to citizens on life-support systems.
Life Support Notification Form (PDF)

Keyholder Form

The City of Burlington Police Department maintains a call list for each of the businesses in the city. This listing of keyholding employees and their phone numbers enable us to contact employees in the event of an emergency such as a burglary, fire or vandalism. Please complete/update this form and submit it to the City of Burlington Police Department, Attention Cathy, 224 E Jefferson Street.
Keyholder Response Form (PDF)

Parking Citation Review

This form allows you to request a review of a parking citation you received. You will have to fill out the form stating the reason why you believe the citation is unfair.
Parking Review Form (PDF)