What type of parking permits are available?
Permits for long-term parking in the downtown area can be purchased for $10 per month. These permits allow a resident of the immediate downtown area to park in a municipal lot for more than 24 hours. The Police Department is required to make a determination, upon the presentation of a motor vehicle registration slip showing a qualifying address, that there is no other parking available for such downtown resident. For visitors or special circumstances that require a vehicle to be left on the street all day or overnight, such as a moving van or construction crew, please call the Police Department. Normally there is no charge for this permit, but without prior notification, vehicles will be ticketed. Large Trucks & Semis requiring special overnight or weekend parking may park in the lot off Maryland Avenue. There is no charge for this service, but permission in advance by the Police Department is required. For any vehicle disabled and unable to be moved in a timely matter you must contact the police department and obtain permission to leave your vehicle parked until it can be moved.

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